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Catch The Horse Bug At Oak Canyon Equestrian Center

by Carrie Treadway | Feb 21, 2017 | Fun for Kids

Every summer parents look for activities and camps to get their children involved in. Sometimes it is something the child has already done and is already passionate about. Sometimes it is something new they have never tried before. We get both types up here at Oak Canyon each summer. As the head trainer and head camp counselor I truly enjoy both.

To see the kid’s faces right after mounting a horse for the first time and the immediate smile from ear to ear never gets old. To see the passion in the riders when they grab the reins and tell the horse to walk on and perfect their horsemanship skills throughout camp is such a rush. Our goal at OCE is to produce educated, experienced, loving, talented horsemen and to ensure they have a blast getting there.

My students have done everything from grow to become talented pleasure riders, to experienced members of the OCE show team, to getting scholarships in college by way of riding for their schools’ equestrian team. They all have a deep-rooted passion for horses, a love for the sport and most importantly a love and belief in themselves.

Horses instill more in a child than just a fun time. They teach them responsibility, love, sportsmanship, and how to listen and hear things without words. They form a connection and a bond with something that is like nothing else in this world. They form lifelong friendships through the barn. I have kids who have gone through college and are on with their adult lives that come and visit me and ride regularly. The barn is their home and the root of their childhood rather than the mall. I am thankful every day for the gift I have been given though horses and it is such a joy and pleasure to be able to share it with others.

Almost all of my students started out in our summer camp and that is where they acquired this crazy thing we call the “horse bug.” Once they have it they can’t get rid of it and it’s the best thing in the world to have. We have not only the best lesson horses in the world and the best facility in Santa Clarita but also the best camp staff you could ask for. I hope everyone gets the chance to catch the horse bug at some point in their life. Maybe this summer is your time at our camp.

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